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December 12-18-20
Dental Practices
HuFriedyGroup Christmas Gifts Selection

Are you struggling with buying Christmas presents for that special dental friend?  Need a gift for that special someone who just lives and breathes everything dental? Take a look at our selection of Christmas gifts.

November 11-13-20
Dental Practices
Benefits of Playing Music in Dental Practices

Going to the dentist is often considered a stressful experience and many don’t look forward to their visit. Music can be a great way to reduce stress and anxiety for your patients.

January 01-27-20
Industry Trends
Opalescence Go® 6% : Pre-loaded teeth guards for whitening vital teeth

Article written by Dr. Bruno PELISSIER.

Dental dyschromia is a pathology frequently encountered in daily dental practice. After a necessary and very important consultation at the dental surgery, for many dyschromias whitening can be addressed with techniques which are differentiated according to the nature an intensity of the stain and the number of teeth affected.