Published on February 02-04-19

A growing population of snackers

A growing population of snackers

More frequent snacking is predicted to lead to an increase in restorative procedures. are you ready to meet the demand?

It is no secret that the fast food industry has been growing over the past decade. The industry is worth approximately $198.9 billion in the United States. By 2020, this figure is forecast to exceed $223 billion!

It is also very apparent that the prepackaged snacks market is booming. New bars, mixes and snack-packs seem to be popping up in grocery stores every month. There are even companies which will send subscribers a personalized snack box full of unique treats every month. Talk about convenient!

It is easy to see why these industries are growing; with busier lifestyles, quick bites have become exceedingly appetizing (pun intended).

So as a nation we are snacking more often, and eating more convenient, ready-made foods. What does this mean for the dental industry?

Foods eaten as part of a meal cause less harm to teeth when compared to snacks which are often eaten throughout the day. This is because during a meal, there is more time for a greater quantity of saliva to be released. As the dental community is well aware, saliva plays an important role in oral health; it helps eliminate food debris from the mouth and lessens the effects of acids, thus reducing dental caries.

Based on the industry trends showcasing the increase in snack sales, we can conclude that people are noshing multiple times over a 24-hour period versus eating "three square meals a day". Because of this trend, it's predicted there will be a noticeable increase in restorative procedures from 2017 through 2025.

Patients frequently need restorative procedures completed during their visit. Having instrumentation which will provide peace of mind when it comes to a restoration's short and long-term success is critical. Hu-Friedy's line of XTS composite instruments offer just that: unapparelled performance so you can be certain you are providing your patients with the best treatment possible.

The signature feature of XTS instruments is the sleek, dark coating applied to the working ends. This dark coating is a thin layer of Aluminum Titanium Nitride (AlTiN). AlTiN is proven to be more lubricious - once it is applied to the instrument, it creates a harder and smoother working surface. The XTS coating performs significantly better as compared to standard Titanium Nitride coatings (gold-tinted coatings).