Published on July 07-24-19


Black Line

MILAN (February, 2019) – With a surgical portfolio of more than 90 instruments all in black, Hu-Friedy is pleased to introduce the New Black Line Surgical Collection, specifically designed for implant and periodontal surgeries.

With a wider choice to perform atraumatic extractions, tunneling techniques and microsurgical procedures, the New Black Line Surgical Collection allows clinicians to have more options for their procedural set-up all in black.

The New Black Line Surgical Collection comprehends also 27 instruments now in black, among which luxating hybrids, syndesmotomes, surgical curettes, implant instruments and chisels that all benefit from the black finish features, such as a performance engineered coating for enhanced lubricity, reduced light reflection, optimal edge retention, enriched contrast and visual acuity at the surgical site and a large diameter handle. Among these a new instrument, the “Mini Me” periosteal from Dr. Istvan Urban is also available in black.

“Due to their special surface performance engineered coating, the working tips remain hard and smooth for optimized edge retention” – says Francesco Merlettini, Product Manager Surgical at Hu-Friedy, about the Black Line. “Featuring a unique, smooth, large diameter handle for maximum comfort and reduced hand fatigue, the New Black Line Surgical Collection allows clinicians to have increased control throughout the entire surgical procedure. Hu-Friedy is happy to offer such a wide selection that enhances comfort and efficiency in every clinician’s daily practice”.


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