Hu-Friedy dental instruments and products are available worldwide through an extensive network of authorized dental dealers, many of whom receive training on the features, use and maintenance of our products.

Working with an authorized dealer ensures that you purchase authentic Hu-Friedy dental products that qualify for our exclusive programs and services.

Hu-Friedy’s team of sales representatives, including those who specifically handle school accounts, are also available to guide you in selecting the instruments and products that suit your needs and will help you perform at your best, along with sharing the latest Hu-Friedy news.

Where to buy

If you do not have a dental dealer, an authorized dealer listing is available on our where to buy page.

Customer Care

If you have questions prior to placing an order or would like to place an order with the help of one of our Customer Representative, please contact our customer care department.

Repairs & Returns

Hu-Friedy has an on-site group of skilled technicians ready to handle your dental instrument repairs. Visit our technical care center page.

Instructions for use

Please find here our instructions for use on our products as download

Compliance and Quality Assurance

Compliance and Transparency

We regularly review and update our sourcing and sustainability activity to ensure it consistently meets our standards. We strive to work with suppliers that are committed to our universal principles of doing business in a responsible and ethical manner.

Suppliers are expected to ensure that products supplied to Hu-Friedy do not contain metals derived from minerals (or their derivatives originated from) conflict regions that directly or indirectly finance or benefit armed groups.

Verification. Hu-Friedy asks suppliers to verify in writing that slavery and human trafficking do not take place within their company or within their supply chains.

Audits. Hu-Friedy audits its suppliers to evaluate supplier compliance with company standards for preventing trafficking and slavery in supply chains.

Certification. Hu-Friedy’s standard terms and conditions require its suppliers to warrant, represent and covenant that all goods have been produced in accordance with all applicable laws and ordinances.

Internal Accountability. Hu-Friedy has a variety of internal human rights-related policies and guidelines that comply with applicable laws and regulations. In the event an employee or contractor engages in or fails to address circumstances that indicate a supplier is engaging in prohibited conduct, the consequences for noncompliance will depend on the nature, circumstances, and severity of the violation. Consequences for employees engaged in prohibited conduct can include discipline up to and including termination of employment. Consequences for contractors engaging in prohibited conduct, can terminating or nonrenewal of an existing contract with the supplier.

Training. Hu-Friedy provides education regarding human trafficking and slavery laws to its employees who have direct responsibility for supply chain.

Quality Assurance

At Hu-Friedy, we apply the highest quality principles for products into our everyday business practices to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with their Hu-Friedy experience. We listen to dental professionals' needs, and create or redesign products that are easier to use, more efficient, and more comfortable. Through this product philosophy, we have made quality our trademark, and we will never cease to maintain that distinction

ISO Certification Documents



As one of the world's leading dental instrument companies, we continue our commitment to helping our customers perform at their best.

That’s why we’re proud holder of the AEO custom status. Having a AEO status means work in close cooperation with customs authorities to assure the common objective of supply chain security and means be entitled to enjoy benefits throughout the EU.

These benefits will result in significantly faster handling – benefits from which you, our customer, will profit as well.